Shooting Star

              60 minute time frame: The sideways and corrective pattern from the May 26 low, which was giving an edge to the resumption of the up trend, has been broken to the downside, hence now in the 60 min time frame we have a sequence of lower low/high. This […]

Monthly time frame: Observable facts: From the March 1985 the EURUSD has been moving within the boundaries of a channel The decline from the July 2008 is corrective but there is no technical indication that it is over The next support is located at the trend line from the March 1985 low more or less […]

          Monthly time frame: The rally from the March 2009 is aging but  there is no indication of a top yet. So far  from the March 2009 low SP500 is up 220% The 10 month moving average can be used as a simple rule in order to delimit a bullish cycle from […]