dead cat bounce

Weekly time frame: The decline from the April high has found a temporary halt at the support located at 2040. SP 500 ended lower for the second week in a row for the first time since the beginning of the rally from the February low,  however the weekly Doji is suggesting a potential rebound which […]


Monthly time frame: The sell signal triggered by the bearish cross of the 10 mma below the 20 mma, so far, it has not ignited a new bearish cycle like the ones occurred during 2000-2002 and 2007-2009. Instead of a downward move this time it looks more likely that price is unfolding a consolidation phase. […]


Monthly time frame: For quite a long time I have been discussing that breadth and momentum indicators are suggesting that the aged rally from the March 2009 is vulnerable. I have also mentioned that once/if SP500 breaches the 10 month moving average (2064.61) and the rising trend line from the October 2011 low, with an […]


I have FAZ in my watchlist monitoring if it confirms a reversal pattern Monthly time frame (From February 2014) The month of June ends with a Doji In a prolonged downtrend a Doji can be  a candlestick candidate for a bottom The immediate resistance (R1) is at 12.44 (Last lower high) Above the R1 we […]