TWT Setups Watchlist

Reason: If we consider USDJPY as a proxy for the Yen we can see in the daily chart below that it is highly probable that from the January 2 high price should unfold a Zig Zag down. The rebound from the February 4 lod is clearly corrective (Maybe it could be forming a Bearish Flag) […]

02-24-2014  Follow up:  Invalidated Trade Reason: Potential countertrend rebound that should unfold a Zig Zag ( Extra bonus if an IHS is confirmed) Requirement: Price must hold Friday´s lod. I don´t know how the market will open next Monday hence this setup is on a standby depending upon the R/R of establishing a proper stop.

02/19/2014: Follow up ( I am out) I did not like yesterday´s shooting star, nor today´s failure to hold above the 200 dma. 5 minutes before the FED minutes release I raised the stop at 50 which was filled. So I am out at breakeven Entry Date (02/14/14); Long 49.95; Stop 50       […]