TWT Setups Watchlist

03/27/2014: Follow up ( I am out. Take the money and run) Entry Date: 03/26/2014; Long 16.04; Stop 15.10; Target 17.40; Exit Price 16.59 (+3.40%); Exit Date 03/27/2014 The potential double bottom patterm is underway but eventhough the theoretical target has not been reached yet I decided to close the trade because the RSI(5) is […]

03-26-2014: Followup ( I am out. Take the money and run) Entry Date 03/20/14; Long 60.84; Stop 59.80 ; Target 51; Exit Price 63.09 (+3.69%); Exit Date 03/24/14 The short-term bullish setup has panned out. On Monday when I sow the formation of a potential shooting star, with an extended short-term move I decided to […]

Reason: Potential weekly Hammer candlestick (In addition a long tail below the lower BB favours selling exhaustion) In the weekly chart we can see an almost done reversal candlestick (Pending today´s eod print)

Reason: XLE has failed to carry out a thrust following a Triangle. This failure has turned a bullish pattern into a bearish one with a potential Double Top, which has a theoretical target at 83.74 I don´t have an entry price yet so I will see how price behaves today. Ideally I would go short […]