Analysts Corner


Author: Lance Roberts Finally A Bounce As discussed last weekend at length, the markets are currently exhibiting all the traits of a “correction action.” During these discussions, I have reiterated that you should not “panic sell” into the decline but instead take a disciplined approach to exiting the markets. To wit:

Author: Urban Carmel   Summary: Fund managers’ cash in January rose to the third highest level since the bear market low in 2009. This is bullish for equities. Global allocations to equities dropped in half in the past month. Since 2009, equity allocations have only been lower in mid-2010, mid-2011, mid-2012 and mid-2015; all of these periods […]

Author: JC Parets The Head and Shoulders experts are popping up everywhere these days. Never has there been a price pattern searched for or imagined in people’s minds more than the infamous Head & Shoulders Pattern. Funny, as much as they love to talk about it and as much airtime as it gets on the […]

Author: Northmantrader On to markets: It’s a horrific bear market. That’s the word on the street after all. The market’s mood is absolutely dire, the internals stink and the action in crude is just dreadful. Large lay-off announcements are on the wires constantly. Crude price targets of $10-$20 abound, Soc. Gen. is out with an […]