Analysts Corner


Author: Lance Roberts At the beginning of this year, I began discussing the technical weakness that was emerging in the markets. Since that time, the markets have remained under pressure leading to a continued cautious portfolio stance. However, I have reiterated many times since then, interventions by Central Banks could change the shorter-term dynamic of […]

Author: Greg Schnell As a chartist, the world is a display of investor sentiment towards businesses doing well, and when the charts are declining, a sentiment towards businesses or industries declining. Through a series of charts, I hope to build a dialogue about how severe the contraction is in one of the largest businesses in […]

Author: Shane Obata Some people say that gold is dead. They point to deflationary pressures and a bear market that started back in September of 2011. The bulls have been wrong for years; however, that may be about to change… At present, there are multiple reasons to consider gold: Sentiment is very negative and almost […]