My long tem scenario assumes that the 30 yr Bond has a major Top at the January 2009 peak. Since then a large corrective pattern should be tracing with a ZigZag or a Double ZZ the bottom of a wave (B)

My primary count calls for a potential large Double ZZ from the July 2008 Top If at the July 2008 we have a wave (A) top since then price has been tracing an ABC down which bottomed at the June 2010 low followed by a corrective rebound, that it is still in progress, that could […]

This weekly analysis will be shorter Friday’s reaction to the NFP # should have established at least a s/t top.  In the daily chart of SPX we can count a completed ABC up leg off the June 16 low.  Even though a late recovery attempt has left a bullish hammer candlestick the internal structure of […]